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Computrainer Ergometer Input:    
Hilly Bike course = 60 ft/mile
Computrainer Ergometer Output:  
Flat Bike course = 10 ft/mile
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Run Training Mileage:        
Years of Experience:          
  Input all times in “mm:ss” format. Input swim volume without a comma. 400 yard TT is based on a pool swim without a wetsuit. The

estimated race time is based on an open water swim with a wetsuit.

  Input 20 min TT speed is based on a flat course time trial.

Volume inputs should be determined by taking an average of your two highest training weeks during the previous

    six weeks leading up to the race being estimated.

Years of experience should be determined by the number of seasons in which you have raced at the distance

    being estimated, not including this year.
  Minimum training volumes:

•  Swim = 1200 yds
•  Bike = 25 miles
•  Run = 7 miles

  "Computrainer Ergometer Input" = 20 min wattage test is based on a Computrainer Ergometer
    "Computrainer Ergometer Output" = all wattage outputs will be based on a Computrainer Ergometer

The calculator is currently calibrated to give an individual's “best scenario” race time on an average course. Any

    nutrition mistakes, injuries or mishaps will reduce the likelihood of achieving the calculated race time.
  Questions about the calculator? Or if you have a specific race that you would like estimated for pacing purposes, please contact the
    creator, Jesse at or visit his blog at:

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